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Heya! How are you? Are you well? I've accidentally hiatused again. Need to quit doing that its just that it makes my head sore being on the computer alot and... I can read ALL THE FIC and play on TUMBLR from my PHONE. Its so awesome. I'll never sleep again. :D

1. I sorta, kinda, maybe agreed to be a co-mod to a land comm over on LJ. I've modded teams before but not a whole comm. :S Now I'm trying to come up with challenges... and sensible points system... and a schedule I can actually stick to. At the moment it looks like we're aiming at the challenges being posted/ended on Sundays because [personal profile] waltzingalong and I are usually about on Sundays.

Now I just need to work out how to stop Google Docs putting curly " on everything. It's very annoying.

2. I kind of didn't go to work for seven days. I didn't mean to not go to work for seven days. It started with a migraine which I'm fairly certain was the fault of delicious evil ice cream. I think I might be ... allergic or something, I don't do well with cream either... The migraine lasted a couple of days (the light sensitivity is still nipping about but ignore ignore ignore) but then I just ... couldn't go to work. I'd wake up and be like "I just, I need to get up and I need to go to work, I can't afford this" and then got all anxious/panicky and ... went back to sleep. So much sleeping!! I am so screwed next month when my pay check is like down a quarter. :S I need to go back to work tomorrow. *boak*

I went to my Doctor's re: the whole panicking when I had to go to work, persistent dread about work even on my days off and hatred of the place when I'm there thing and he told me to get a new job. Yey! Thanks dude. As it is, I agree with him but still its hard to apply for jobs when you think there's no point because everything I do is wrong and sucky. I know I'm being ridiculous but my brain, not on board with the rest of us.

3. I have been downloading loads of cheerful, motivational, pictures from Tumblr and have set up a picture frame widget on my brand new phone to look at when I feel shitty/when I'm doing my exercises. I'm trying not to reblog all of them but my tumblr is looking a bit.... motivational speakery.

4. I'm loving shows being back or starting. Haven!! I've watched so much Haven the last few weeks. I totally ship Duke/Nathan with a side dish of Audrey/Duke/Nathan (but not Audrey/Duke or Audrey/Nathan for some reason). Agents of SHIELD was good, popcorn, although Ward? was blah and boring and meh. Also watched Criminal Minds and Hawaii 5-0. They were alright. Lol.
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Heya, How've you been? I've been around but rather quiet. So I thought I should update.

1. Working from 3pm to 11pm really takes it out of you. I don't know, on one hand its nice because the last couple of hours of the shift you're just hanging around, chatting to your team mates, occasionally having long conversations with customers who, when they phone at that time of night, seem happy to just chill, chat, talk about nonsense. On the other hand, you get home at midnight, you can't switch off for a few hours, you go to bed in the early morning, get up late morning, have a few hours of mucking about (or in my case reading fic) and then go to work. I did try and go to bed when I first got in the house but I was too awake and too... switched on to sleep. However I did manage to get out of the pattern relatively easily so that's nice.

2. I've been trying to prep for this interview. I've decided my five minute presentation on something I am enthusiastic about will be about adaptation, re-telling tales, and how accessible this is. It will be about the variety of adaptations that are about in about all the different directions this recycling is. I will be using Pride and Prejudice as an example but instead of taking in, like, posters or DVDs of the boring, normal, those-that-I-actually-studied adaptations but instead the Pride and Prejudice comic book, the Lost In Austen DVD and maybe something like Vampire Darcy's Desire (or whatever that book is).... might take Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead. Just because they are more interesting examples (even if arguably not always very good texts in themselves). I thought, in the accessibility section, I could talk about creative writing (read fanfic) and about creative writing tasks in class to help kids explore the texts or different aspects of filming. Because I am supposed to be selling myself as a potential teacher.

I'm also working on responses for a couple of potential books to teach and re-read the information about curriculum for excellence.

3. I've run out of musicals because I want interesting musicals and I've pretty much rejected most of the options. Also my Mum has my Baz Luhrman musicals collection because I haven't watched it since I got it, because I haven't felt like it, and now that I do feel like it it's not here. Which is just typical. Any suggestions for musicals I could watch?

4. Watched Glee. spoilers )

5. Watched 3 episodes of S3 of Hawaii Five O, a show I have not watched any of since mid way through s1. Well done Danno and Steve for having an argument at the beginning of the first episode I watched that actually caught me right back up so that I wasn't even confused by the events in the next few eps. I might keep watching. (BTW, is anyone actually still watching this show?)

6. Watched other things too: OUAT, Lost Girl, Lewis, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness. They were alright. Although two of those shows are finished again so... how come in this country our seasons are like eight eps and that's it? Can we not afford longer seasons or do we feel we couldn't sustain an audience for it? Because it does make the season over superfast.

7. Finished Good Omens. I liked it. I haven't quite decided what to read next although I read a little more of Divided City, although I don't really like it but it isn't exactly aimed at my age group. I'll finish it because its a. short and b. both the schools I went to had displays about it up so it must be popular in schools at the moment, well, west coast schools anyway, probably because its set in Glasgow and is about religious divides and football.

8. My mouse broke and I suck at the touchpad. Until I get a new one I won't be making icons becuase I suck so bad. I may also take a break from Candy Crush Saga on Facebook because that game is a total timesuck. As is Tribal Wars. Evil games.


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