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Heya! How are you? Are you well? I've accidentally hiatused again. Need to quit doing that its just that it makes my head sore being on the computer alot and... I can read ALL THE FIC and play on TUMBLR from my PHONE. Its so awesome. I'll never sleep again. :D

1. I sorta, kinda, maybe agreed to be a co-mod to a land comm over on LJ. I've modded teams before but not a whole comm. :S Now I'm trying to come up with challenges... and sensible points system... and a schedule I can actually stick to. At the moment it looks like we're aiming at the challenges being posted/ended on Sundays because [personal profile] waltzingalong and I are usually about on Sundays.

Now I just need to work out how to stop Google Docs putting curly " on everything. It's very annoying.

2. I kind of didn't go to work for seven days. I didn't mean to not go to work for seven days. It started with a migraine which I'm fairly certain was the fault of delicious evil ice cream. I think I might be ... allergic or something, I don't do well with cream either... The migraine lasted a couple of days (the light sensitivity is still nipping about but ignore ignore ignore) but then I just ... couldn't go to work. I'd wake up and be like "I just, I need to get up and I need to go to work, I can't afford this" and then got all anxious/panicky and ... went back to sleep. So much sleeping!! I am so screwed next month when my pay check is like down a quarter. :S I need to go back to work tomorrow. *boak*

I went to my Doctor's re: the whole panicking when I had to go to work, persistent dread about work even on my days off and hatred of the place when I'm there thing and he told me to get a new job. Yey! Thanks dude. As it is, I agree with him but still its hard to apply for jobs when you think there's no point because everything I do is wrong and sucky. I know I'm being ridiculous but my brain, not on board with the rest of us.

3. I have been downloading loads of cheerful, motivational, pictures from Tumblr and have set up a picture frame widget on my brand new phone to look at when I feel shitty/when I'm doing my exercises. I'm trying not to reblog all of them but my tumblr is looking a bit.... motivational speakery.

4. I'm loving shows being back or starting. Haven!! I've watched so much Haven the last few weeks. I totally ship Duke/Nathan with a side dish of Audrey/Duke/Nathan (but not Audrey/Duke or Audrey/Nathan for some reason). Agents of SHIELD was good, popcorn, although Ward? was blah and boring and meh. Also watched Criminal Minds and Hawaii 5-0. They were alright. Lol.
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Mostly Teen Wolf but also containing Firefly and Fringe and Haven and others. :)

Made for various places, [ profile] beacon_hills, [community profile] caffeinatedmagic, [community profile] theaviary, and [community profile] iconthat

See the rest here

I should check and see what else I haven't posted as part of this. I'm sure there's some crochet I never talked about. :)


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