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Heya, How've you been? I've been around but rather quiet. So I thought I should update.

1. Working from 3pm to 11pm really takes it out of you. I don't know, on one hand its nice because the last couple of hours of the shift you're just hanging around, chatting to your team mates, occasionally having long conversations with customers who, when they phone at that time of night, seem happy to just chill, chat, talk about nonsense. On the other hand, you get home at midnight, you can't switch off for a few hours, you go to bed in the early morning, get up late morning, have a few hours of mucking about (or in my case reading fic) and then go to work. I did try and go to bed when I first got in the house but I was too awake and too... switched on to sleep. However I did manage to get out of the pattern relatively easily so that's nice.

2. I've been trying to prep for this interview. I've decided my five minute presentation on something I am enthusiastic about will be about adaptation, re-telling tales, and how accessible this is. It will be about the variety of adaptations that are about in about all the different directions this recycling is. I will be using Pride and Prejudice as an example but instead of taking in, like, posters or DVDs of the boring, normal, those-that-I-actually-studied adaptations but instead the Pride and Prejudice comic book, the Lost In Austen DVD and maybe something like Vampire Darcy's Desire (or whatever that book is).... might take Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead. Just because they are more interesting examples (even if arguably not always very good texts in themselves). I thought, in the accessibility section, I could talk about creative writing (read fanfic) and about creative writing tasks in class to help kids explore the texts or different aspects of filming. Because I am supposed to be selling myself as a potential teacher.

I'm also working on responses for a couple of potential books to teach and re-read the information about curriculum for excellence.

3. I've run out of musicals because I want interesting musicals and I've pretty much rejected most of the options. Also my Mum has my Baz Luhrman musicals collection because I haven't watched it since I got it, because I haven't felt like it, and now that I do feel like it it's not here. Which is just typical. Any suggestions for musicals I could watch?

4. Watched Glee. spoilers )

5. Watched 3 episodes of S3 of Hawaii Five O, a show I have not watched any of since mid way through s1. Well done Danno and Steve for having an argument at the beginning of the first episode I watched that actually caught me right back up so that I wasn't even confused by the events in the next few eps. I might keep watching. (BTW, is anyone actually still watching this show?)

6. Watched other things too: OUAT, Lost Girl, Lewis, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness. They were alright. Although two of those shows are finished again so... how come in this country our seasons are like eight eps and that's it? Can we not afford longer seasons or do we feel we couldn't sustain an audience for it? Because it does make the season over superfast.

7. Finished Good Omens. I liked it. I haven't quite decided what to read next although I read a little more of Divided City, although I don't really like it but it isn't exactly aimed at my age group. I'll finish it because its a. short and b. both the schools I went to had displays about it up so it must be popular in schools at the moment, well, west coast schools anyway, probably because its set in Glasgow and is about religious divides and football.

8. My mouse broke and I suck at the touchpad. Until I get a new one I won't be making icons becuase I suck so bad. I may also take a break from Candy Crush Saga on Facebook because that game is a total timesuck. As is Tribal Wars. Evil games.

So tired!!

Nov. 1st, 2012 12:41 am
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So, coming home from work and finishing three fic in order to post a bingo is a perfectly reasonable and grown up use of my time.

And heading to bed with less than eight hours remaining until my 11 hour shift is perfectly ok and not batshit at all.

And really wanting to just sit here and read some sterek cos I couldn't cos of Quinntana instead of going to bed that's just.... sensible right?


Mark today under "grown up: fail".

In other news, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year as I've no idea what to write and have no ideas and suck. But I am going to try and write something fictional around about 750 words a day. Probably Quinntana although I am having BLAM! feels and some Teen Wolf feels and stuff. IDEK. I'm tired. My kink bingo entries went fluffier than expected. :S

Oh and I have cotton candy bingo to do. And like Christmas stuff. And I should make up alphas.
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Title: Close our eyes (feel our way through)
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez
Rating: EXPLICIT(18)
Word Count: 833
Notes: Written for [community profile] kink_bingo's "Pegging/Strap-ons" square.

Summary: Santana, Quinn, a strap-on and no plot to speak of. :)

Read On: AO3 or DW
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Title: And I'm Not Sorry
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Quinntana
Rating: EXPLICIT(18)
Word Count: 1869
Notes: Written for kink bingo's "roleplay square".

Summary:Quinn is away on business, annoyed with Santana and frustrated when she meets the woman in a bar. She invites her back to her hotel room, the woman agrees.

Read On: AO3 or DW
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Title: The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Quinntana
Rating: TEEN(12)
Word Count: 950
Notes: Written for kink bingo for the wildcard square, nominally sensory deprivation or making some variety of care (idk). I'm playing with expanding this because ~reasons~ but I haven't decided. It felt finished enough for KB since KB finishes tonight and I started this like an hour ago (seriously).

Summary: Quinn comes home from work furious, Santana helps her unwind.

Read On: AO3 or DW
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Title: If I Knew You Were Comin I'd've Baked A Cake
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez
Rating: MATURE(15)
Word Count: 1402

Summary: "What did you do?" Quinn asked, laughter in her voice as she walked into their kitchen and took in the disaster zone it has become. There were splatters of something gloopy and inconsistent coating almost everything: the walls, the workbenches, the sink and even the floor were covered to at least some degree. The kitchen island was, by far, the worst hit. There was what looked to be flour mixed with egg and lumps of what could only be butter over everything- the cookbook on the surface, the knocked over bag of flour, the block of knives and chopping board. At the center of it all was the food processor, Santana holding the plug looking shocked and filthy with half formed dough.

Read: on AO3 or DW
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I pretty much slept (really brokenly for) twelve hours, drank loads of lemonade (it was to hand), and then eventually had soup and ibuprofen and then I felt ok. LOL. As hangovers go, it was a breeze.

So, I really suck at posting. Soz. What have I been doing? Um, watching loads of TV and reading Sterek fic (with an occasional wandering into McShep. Because.) Going to work and being *annoyed* by my employers rather than my customers who, as I keep trying to explain to the people I work with, are just people like us- yes even the ones with English as a second language, names that aren't "British" or who seem to have non-heteronormative families. Ugh. I really need to find better people to surround myself with.

Anyways, so that this post is more than me ranting about work, telly thoughts:

Game of Thrones
I've been watching S1. I hadn't seen it before because Sky is evil and stole it and made it so you had to get Sky tv in order to watch shows from that channel because they are evil and wouldn't give(sell) it to Virgin Media or any of the other cable providers. They are proud of this. Honestly. They are proud of many dodgy as hell things. Since I won't enter a contract with a company that I know are sucky a lot of the time and with slower broadband than what I already have I was like "hell to the no". And did that thing I do when people deny me shinies: decide to ignore the existence of said shinies. :D But I'm on 1x06 and so far I like it. It's never gonna like win me over to like fandomming it or declaring it the best ever but I don't mind watching it. :) Although watching the bits with Jason Momoa and his character's people makes me a. miss Stargate Atlantis and b. feel uncomfortable with the racial politics. Because they are dodgy as hell. The language thing in particular is irritating me. His character's wife is awesome though. (I haven't learned any names yet). Richard Madden makes me wish for a second season of Sirens

Revolution I'm liking although spoilers )

Glee isn't annoying me as much as usual this season but I'm still fast forwarding through the people I don't like. In other news, I've been writing Quinntana. Because. And my ship for this season is spoilers )

Once Upon A Time Is still a show I'm not sure about. Like I keep tuning in but I'm just not feeling overly invested in it. Ruby is still awesome and needs more to do. Regina ... I sort of like her. spoilers )

Fringe I know its the last season but spoilers )

Other TV
I tried Elementary. A few days later I watched it again because I didn't think I'd watched it. It was that forgettable. I'm not bothering to watch more. I tried Arrow. It was ok. I can remember what happened in it. Which is at least a plus point for it. I tried The New Normal. It was awful. I remember what happened in the episode of that I watched too. This is not a plus point for it.

OK. This post is long enough. I'm gonna go wandering now. Maybe make noms. At half ten at night. LOL.
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Title: This Is A Story About Control
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopex
Rating: EXPLICIT(18)
Word Count: 2039
"Did I tell you you could look?" Quinn asks softly, eyes kind but strict.

"No," Santana breathes, automatically looking away.

"No what?"

"No Mistress."

"Good girl. I'm in control tonight."

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] waltzingalong for the beta. Written for the "Obedience" square of my Kink Bingo card

Read on AO3 or DW
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Title: Need
Fandom: Glee
Characters/Pairing: Rachel Berry
Rating: TEEN(12)
Word Count: 1176
Crossposted: AO3 DW
Notes: Written for the square "Watersports" on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.

She just didn't think about it until she was on stage, blinded by the lights, and trapped for the whole second act and Rachel, Rachel needed to pee.

This isn't even porny, which is odd. I swear all my fills are like fluff and gen and crafting this year. Written because I was determined to do the "watersports" square because it was the one I was most afraid of/didn't "get" at all and that made me wanna fill it. If that makes any sense.

Kink Bingo Masterpost
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Really didn't work for me. On any level.

Read more... )


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