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I so suck at this internet thing at the moment. I had four days off work and, aside from looking at things (read: fic on AO3) on my phone, I did not turn on the computer once. Trufax. It is very strange. I think its because, after work, my eyes are sort of sore and not overly capable of looking at the computer for long. This is very annoying.

That said I've signed up to do a couple of things which both require being online.

1. [ profile] waltzingalong and I decided to try our hands at running a land comm, namely [ profile] femslashverse which is kinda fun so far. Admittedly its a wee tiny land that was on hiatus for, like a year, came back briefly, stuttered, died and we decided to take over. And, so far, the fact that we're making up the end dates and post dates - and they're pretty much all Sunday - means that its fairly easy to remember what we're doing. :D Also we may have sat down and worked out what every challenge for the phase is in advance to make sure that we didn't end up flailing later.

2. I signed up to write 50,000 words of Quinntana for NaNoWriMo this year. Its 3 hours into the day (i.e. its almost 3am) and I've got a thousand words of... description and no plot. I'm trying to set up the equilibrium of their lives before I introduce something to break that equilibrium and then do plot. Since I've signed up to do that, that does mean that I need to actually be online to write. I may try writing some of it on my phone at work but I don't imagine I can get very far on a teeny wee touch screen keyboard where half the time I hit "m" when I mean "."


I'm going to try and procrastinate doing NaNo with housework and useful stuff and try and procrastinate housework and useful stuff with NaNo. And no telly before writing (or there will be no writing). I can't decide whether this will mean I slip into a weird loop where I can't move because any move would end up with me having to go back to the other in an endless cycle of procrastination. Or whether I might actually get stuff done on both fronts. I'm hoping for the latter. :) Although, notice, I'm already procrastinating with something other than housework so ... yeah. :S
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...I got up at 7am on my day off because ... I woke up.

It's now 8.30am and the laundry I put on is finished and hanging on the line and I am contemplating what to do with my day. I'd say "catch up on tv and knit things" but I think my Mum would come round to my house and kill me. Yesterday she gave me (and I quote) "commands" for what I was to do today.

I would like to remind everyone that, as of Saturday, I am now 32 years old. *sigh*
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Housework wins the battle.


I cut myself doing the washing up! WTF!?


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