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The lyrics for this song are... not meshing with my mental image of this song. I wonder if I've ever actually bothered to listen to them before.

Anyway, I really need to go to the library but I can't be bothered. I'm so lazy. Instead I'm trying to see if fat people can do yoga. Because I'm fat. And I'm curious about yoga. And becoming more flexible.

I think I've hurt my left shoulder/upper arm trying to do Dad's routine in the time Dad told me it should be done in. On Thursday it sort of ached all day and then throbbed if I tried to raise my arm to shoulder height. On Friday it was feeling better but when I tried to do the exercises again (cos I took Thursday off) it was not of the good. It got sore super fast and I just skipped the whole last exercise because I didn't think it was wise. We'll see how it is later (after I've been to the shops and lugged stuff up and down the stairs) and treat it with my usual care and consideration (i.e. take some ibuprofen, carry on regardless).
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I signed up for [community profile] adulting a few days ago because, um, its like a challenge comm (except you set your own challenges) but for, like, doing grown up things. I've said I'll work on two things:

My ultimate goal: Actually have money left at the end of the month (and maybe something saved up)
My target for this phase: Cut back on unnecessary expenditure.
What I'm gonna do about it: Start taking travel mug and tea bags to work. Cut back on fizzy juice. Cook food (6/7 days) instead of buying microwave meals, lunches out and take-aways.
My target date: 23rd June 2013
Notes: First step would be to get organised and work out how much I'm actually spending on like juice every day and being lazy with food. Also, finding low cost but I will actually eat it and it is actually healthy recipes would be helpful too. :)

So far I suck at this. Like all of it. Although I suppose I've been taking fruit to work with me to cut off the "buying unnecessary and awful snack foods" impulse. That has to be better for me right? Although not so much my wallet.

Health and Fitness
My ultimate goal: to be healthier (and pref. have dropped a couple of dress sizes)
My target for this phase: Start exercising regularly
What I'm gonna do about it: Exercise for at least 20 mins four times a week.
My target date: 23rd June.
Notes: My Dad has made me a routine thing I can do in the house whenever I have twenty minutes so between that and the belly dance dvd I have this is possible... as long as I'm not super awesome lazy. I'm really good at super awesome lazy though. :S

As it turns out my Dad's "twenty to thirty minutes" routine has yet to take me less that 45!! But I've done it three times so far this week and it does seem to be getting easier. I'm playing with the order of the routine and I've maybe adapted the legs bit because it was too hard and it hurt the first day. I'll build up to the whole thing for the legs. Also, since it is so much longer than expected, I can totally scale that bit back and still be on target for number of minutes.

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Anyway, yeah, so that's what I've been doing. What have you been up to??


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