Feb. 6th, 2014 10:45 am
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So I went back to weightwatchers last night. I'm pretty much back up to where I started last July. *shrug* Moving on.

Because its been two months I've to start back at the beginning again which, since last July, has changed. Instead of immediately tracking you do this "Simple Start" week where you only eat things on a certain list (the 'Filling and Healthy' list) but you can eat as much as you like. So far this nom prawn saag that I like so much is on there (yey) but my usual packed lunch is problematic. The cheese (aka Cheddar) is not on the list and the nice seeded bread is not on the list. How I shall weep. I may end up having pasta salad all week in desperation. I can have bread but it has to be calorie controlled brown bread (aka theirs) and its minging. And super thin. And not that filling.

I have the urge to go buy all the things off the list but I must resist. Partly cos I probably wouldn't use them. Mainly cos I can't afford to do such a thing. Ugh. So I need to plan. I hates planning. Well. . . I hate planning food I like planning like epic never to be written fanfics. :)

Other things to do today: work out how much money I owe people, pay some of it, do lots of housework, try and work out why my computer keeps blue screen of deathing me (is said something about kernal data image before it shut down... that mean anything to anyone?). Basically a grown up day. Hate those.

How long should you keep paperwork (bank statements, bills, payslips etc)? Answers on a postcard. Or, you know, a comment.


aryas_zehral: Close crop of Chiana's mouth, slightly open as if worried/breathless (Default)

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