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Heya, How've you been? I've been around but rather quiet. So I thought I should update.

1. Working from 3pm to 11pm really takes it out of you. I don't know, on one hand its nice because the last couple of hours of the shift you're just hanging around, chatting to your team mates, occasionally having long conversations with customers who, when they phone at that time of night, seem happy to just chill, chat, talk about nonsense. On the other hand, you get home at midnight, you can't switch off for a few hours, you go to bed in the early morning, get up late morning, have a few hours of mucking about (or in my case reading fic) and then go to work. I did try and go to bed when I first got in the house but I was too awake and too... switched on to sleep. However I did manage to get out of the pattern relatively easily so that's nice.

2. I've been trying to prep for this interview. I've decided my five minute presentation on something I am enthusiastic about will be about adaptation, re-telling tales, and how accessible this is. It will be about the variety of adaptations that are about in about all the different directions this recycling is. I will be using Pride and Prejudice as an example but instead of taking in, like, posters or DVDs of the boring, normal, those-that-I-actually-studied adaptations but instead the Pride and Prejudice comic book, the Lost In Austen DVD and maybe something like Vampire Darcy's Desire (or whatever that book is).... might take Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead. Just because they are more interesting examples (even if arguably not always very good texts in themselves). I thought, in the accessibility section, I could talk about creative writing (read fanfic) and about creative writing tasks in class to help kids explore the texts or different aspects of filming. Because I am supposed to be selling myself as a potential teacher.

I'm also working on responses for a couple of potential books to teach and re-read the information about curriculum for excellence.

3. I've run out of musicals because I want interesting musicals and I've pretty much rejected most of the options. Also my Mum has my Baz Luhrman musicals collection because I haven't watched it since I got it, because I haven't felt like it, and now that I do feel like it it's not here. Which is just typical. Any suggestions for musicals I could watch?

4. Watched Glee. spoilers )

5. Watched 3 episodes of S3 of Hawaii Five O, a show I have not watched any of since mid way through s1. Well done Danno and Steve for having an argument at the beginning of the first episode I watched that actually caught me right back up so that I wasn't even confused by the events in the next few eps. I might keep watching. (BTW, is anyone actually still watching this show?)

6. Watched other things too: OUAT, Lost Girl, Lewis, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness. They were alright. Although two of those shows are finished again so... how come in this country our seasons are like eight eps and that's it? Can we not afford longer seasons or do we feel we couldn't sustain an audience for it? Because it does make the season over superfast.

7. Finished Good Omens. I liked it. I haven't quite decided what to read next although I read a little more of Divided City, although I don't really like it but it isn't exactly aimed at my age group. I'll finish it because its a. short and b. both the schools I went to had displays about it up so it must be popular in schools at the moment, well, west coast schools anyway, probably because its set in Glasgow and is about religious divides and football.

8. My mouse broke and I suck at the touchpad. Until I get a new one I won't be making icons becuase I suck so bad. I may also take a break from Candy Crush Saga on Facebook because that game is a total timesuck. As is Tribal Wars. Evil games.
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Lol. I suck at subject lines.

1. Work are trying to put me on outbound. Which sucks. Esp since the only reason I agreed to look at call center jobs was so long as they were inbound only. I don't mind talking to people. I don't even mind being yelled at, called a robot, called sweetheart, told I'm useless, talked over, patronised, etc, so long as the person called me and is actually seeking a resolution to the problem (be that by cancelling or by letting me help them if I can). I do mind calling people who have already left to ask them why they left and try and make them come back. I've done outbound before (in a previous job). It was my worst job ever and it made me very very ill. Although the hideous lighting may have had a part in that. However, I'm off for eleven days (in a row!!) so that's enough of that. :D

2. One of my cousin's is getting married on Saturday so I am heading down there with my Mum and my Gran for it. I am not yet packed and I'm supposed to be leaving tomorrow. Whoops.

3. I haven't heard back from any of the universities about either what paperwork I have to do to leave or whether I've got a place (or even any more interviews) on a teaching course. So that's fun. I'm not sure I mind to be honest. I feel like I've lurched from "do PhD" to "do MPhil" to "do teaching" without really taking a break in the middle.

4. Not helped of course by the fact that my Mother keeps telling me that I'm better than my job suggests and that I need to find another job like "now, do it now, now, now now now, your life would just magically be better immediately and you would be fulfilled and happy if only you had another job right now like immediately like why aren't you getting on with it already don't you want to be happy?" When I just want to sit in the corner, lick my wounds, knit random tat, work out what I actually do want and go to work and not have to worry and stress and constantly be trying to get on with something when I'm not sure what the something I want to get on with is. If that sentence even made sense. I feel like I can't settle on a direction because all I get is that its not enough of a direction and even if I did get another job with more money and better hours I'd then have "lose weight, omg lose weight, like now, don't you want babies, if you want babies then you need to lose weight, like now, omg why aren't you losing weight, don't you want to be happy?" and then I'd have "sort out your house, find a new house, omg if you had less stuff - why is there so much random fandom stuff omg - then you'd be free and you could get organised and you won't be happy until you're organised and omg don't you want to be happy?" and then there would be "you need a man, men are nice, not all men are like that guy you used to be with, or that other one, or that other man in your past, or your dad, or the guys at work. you need to be with someone, share your life, you can't possibly be happy, you need a partner, don't you want to be happy? have you considered a woman?" or... you get the idea. I just feel like its never enough and there's so many things I should be doing that I can't even do the things I am doing well. I mean I'm not happy but, you know what, I'm not miserable and I've been miserable. I can get out of bed and function in social settings. Sometimes that's enough for me.

5. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Sunlight will wake me at 5am (again) so I'm starting to get used to going to bed (relatively) early (for me) (like midnight instead of two). Even though it will wake me I won't go up, I'll just hide my head for a couple of hours. I should make a list of things that I have to do tomorrow so when I get up I can go straight to productive. :D
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Rather I need the ones I very much like from LJ to be over here. Its a job that wouldn't take long and yet its one that I have been meaning to do for ages.

I suddenly feel rather ill today. We went out for dinner and it was lovely but about an hour afterwards I felt... a bit off. Not food poisoned but rather like I've eaten something my body just doesn't quite like. I can't think what it could be that I ate that I didn't like because it was just italian-esque food and I'm usually fine with that (usually its certain Indian and Chinese dishes (well the versions you get in the UK) that are problematic. Like certain types of curry. Maybe there's a spice I don't like? How would I even find that out?) Also, weirdly, the thing I liked most at dinner was the most simple thing ever- salmon on cream cheese on bruschetta. And yet its not something I ever think about making at home, mainly cos I don't buy Salmon. Similarly I went out for dinner with my Dad on Saturday and I really liked my really simple prawn, garlic, and tomato tagliatelli dish. And when I am home I pretty much live on cheese sandwiches and pasta in either a cheesy sauce or a tomato-y sauce. Less fish at home (beyond the occasional tin of tuna, which I'm never sure I like).

My Mum (who I was out for dinner with) walked into my house and immediately tried to hoover (tried cos my hoover is making a weird burning smell and not sucking, which sucks, at the moment). She also sorted out my recycling and took it away with her. And she made me give her aims for what I was going to do with my evening and then my day tomorrow. This was not on her list of things to do. I've to redraft my personal statement and then look at it again in the morning. And then send it to her. And then I've agreed to write 5000 words of MPhil tomorrow and each weekend (if I'm off the weekend) or Thurs/Fri from here on out.

In other news, I've signed up for two big bangs and a couple of prompt thingies over at [community profile] caffeinatedmagic. Cos that was sensible. Rewatched Dollhouse Epitaph 1 and 2 today in order to work on said prompts. Cos that's how I roll. LOL.

I think Mum checking up on my progress may actually be good for me. I like to feel like someone gives a shit about how I'm doing day in day out and that I'm doing stuff for people other than just me. I don't do well when I feel like its just for me. Does that even make sense? *shrug*

Better go do this personal statement before its too late and I'm too tired. I'm already starting to have only one eye at my disposal. :)
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Do you think it would be weird to forgo Word or Open Office and just write my dissertation on Google Docs? It'd always be handy and I wouldn't need my computer with me I could just log into it. And if I ever lost my pen drive (again) it wouldn't be that terrible because it'd all be there on the internet.

Until, you know, someone breaks the internet.


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