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So, in an act of stunning procrastination, I went though the entire "UK releases" list for this year because I wasn't sure what was coming out. Since I've done this I thought I would share. :)

These are the ones I think I want to see

Warm Bodies.
(8th Feb)
I have the book for this. I'm not really into zombies and, frankly, the zombie romance thing is just bizarre and creepy. And yet I kind of want to see it. (I may pretend its an extended metaphor about modern life and wandering through it without much direction or something, but that sounds like a terrible manic pixie dream girl movie so perhaps I won't).
trailer )

Unfinished Song
(8th Feb)
This looks cute. I played with it being on the "wait for DVD" list but I wanted to share the trailer. Lol.
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Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters
<22nd Feb)
This looks ridiculous and batshit and I'm hoping that it'll be on the "so bad its good" side of things rather than just "bad".
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Robot & Frank
(8th March)
I think this looks cute. With added scifi.
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(12th April)
I know. Its Tom Cruise. And I don't like Tom Cruise. But I do like some of the scifi movies he's been in and this, this looks interesting.
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Iron Man 3
(26th April)
These movies are usually fun. And then there will be more fic. And I will be happy. :D
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Star Trek Into Darkness
(17th May)
It's Star Trek. There is no more reason than that. I saw Nemesis in the cinema. In fact I think I've seen all of them since The Final Fronteir in the cinema. Because its Star Trek.
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After Earth
(7th June)
Crashed ship, coming back to an abandoned (by humans) Earth where, apparently, everything is trying to kill them. Its like a better lit Pitch Black with fewer characters. IDK, it looks like it could be fun.
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Despicable Me 2
(28th June)
The Minions are so cute and I adored Despicable Me so... :D
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The World's End
(14th August)
Pegg, Frost, Wright. Why wouldn't I want to see this?

(20th September)
Sci-fi distopian action movie? Course I want to see it. LOL. From the dude that did District 9.
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Thor: The Dark World
(30th October)
So, I know like nothing about this one but, you know, Avengers.

Movies I'm curious about but not sold(aka, wait for DVD)

Now You See Me; A Good Day To Die Hard; Alienate; OZ: The Great And Powerful; Read more... )

Can you think of any I've missed?

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Last week I watched the entirity of Earth 2. This is not the feat it could have been. It's only 22 episodes in the space of seven days (although it was actually only 4). I am fairly certain this is unhelpful behaviour that will not help my thesis or my marking. Bad me. However, as if to almost cap off this week of craziness, I thought I'd note a few things that I noticed about it.

Promo Picture of Earth2 main characters.

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The Opening Credits of Earth 2

[Note: I put the channel first aired and dates in with each TV show title because I've been marking of late and we tell the undergrads to do that, so I kind of just started putting it in. Once I had started I felt I should continue. Also, I am procrastinating and this is, depressingly, the closest to academic writing I've done all week!]


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