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Man I'm only one day late with this! That's like not late at all. And noone's here to dock me time for it (She says, bitterly, thinking of the fifteen minutes she got docked at work today for logging in two minutes late this morning. Assholes)

Playlist of music (With bonus songs that were for posts that never actually got written. Whoops.) I was so bad at like anything this month. Or doing anything. I started the month ill, then depressed because of, you know, hormones and the collapse of all my hopes and dreams, then hopeful for teaching interview in Aberdeen, then sick with no voice DURING my interview in Aberdeen, then work was batshit and all over the place with shifts, then Aberdeen turned me down, and now its now. So, yeah, crappy month.

I only read one book this month... well I only finished one book. Catalyst: A Novel Of Alien Contact by Nina Kiriki Hoffman. It was... problematic. A couple of the characters go from like really abusive relationship to sexual relationship without one of the character having any real agency. Although tbh the main character just has no choice. Everyone manipulates him and twists him to their needs and ignores his desires. And then the novel just stops, cops out. I pretty much only read it to see if it would stop being uncomfortable at some point. It didn't.

Movies (I may have gone a bit overboard under here) )

I was gonna write about tv but that can wait. I'm tired. :)
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Yeah, so I was going to do this at the weekend but then, um, I had kind of a bad few days. But I'm feeling slightly less... miserable so playing catch-up.

Playlist of the month:

(In case that doesn't work, find it here

The month started well with letters inviting me to interview for teaching and double rainbows. I thought it was a sign that things might actually get better, get towards what I want from life, and I ended the month feeling chirpy as all hell. Then March started. But that's a topic for next month.

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Books )

Man, that was so worth being like a week late for. Lol.
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Yesterday I saw a double rainbow. I'm taking this as a sign of awesome. :)

I started naming entries after song lyrics and then, kinda, never quite followed though with it. But, just for my records, here is a playlist of the songs I nabbed lyrics from. I'm gonna try and keep using lyrics as subjects and collect them together again next month.

Round up of January 2013:

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