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I plan to write! And type up.

Last night, after work, I decided to go to the Uni library for a little while. I finish work at 5. I left the library at 9.20. I think I wrote about a thousand words, did a little more checking of where I'm going, and character building. I also played a game on whatsapp with my Mum, Sister and Brother-in-Law of "what is that weird picture of?" I was also amused by the student who was using the other end of the table I was at (I snagged one of the big tables with comfy padded benchy things) who a little before seven just decided to lie down on the couch/chair and go to sleep. For an hour and a half. While his laptop, phone and wallet were right there on the table easily snaggable by anyone walking by. As it was I was there watching over it but still. When he did wake up he pretty much just put his shoes back on, packed up his stuff and headed out.

Of course since everything I wrote last night was in pen and on paper I now have to type it up. And then update NaNo. Which is going more slowly than I would hope. *shrug* But I have written everyday although I have not updated the NaNo website everyday so...

Also, tropes, I was trying to stay away from them but I'm failing in a few places. Tropes have their place right and its ok to end up falling into a few right?
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I have decided to complete NaNoWriMo this year. (Positive language FTW). For those who don't know, the challenge is to write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. This is completely doable. It's merely 1667 words a day and it doesn't even need to be polished or pretty or anything. Editing is for December, all November is for is writing. And that's what I'm going to do.

I am awesome at making up plots, admittedly plots to fix the storylines of TV shows when they do something ridiculous and awful (Glee and Stargate Universe I'm looking at you) but still I'm counting "can take a bunch of characters is a terrible situation and then write a plot that is in character for them and in keeping with the rules of the fictional universe we've seen so far but which fixes said awful situation in a dramatic, non-douchey and not plot-holey way" as a total mad skill.

What I suck at is turning plans into novels. I LOVE making plans and maybe alternative plans and maybe alternative alternative plans and the occasional ridiculous trope fic and maybe even the odd AU but when it comes to sitting down and just writing...? Yeah. I suck.

So I'm trying again and I'm going to do it this time. It's September 28th and I have a vague structure of a story. I know what the situation is, I know what the minor spanners in the works are and how they build to the first main big OMFG WTHell moment. I know how those little spanners are going to mess things up when it comes to dealing with the OMFGWTHM. I know the background, even worse except they're all distracted so they don't notice, "OMG OMG We're All Going To Die!" moment is and how it will throw even more spanners (seriously, where are all these spanners coming from?) in the works. I know what the broad strokes ending is - although not the actual final last page - and how a new equilibrium quite different from the beginning will be established. I know what the equilibrium is. I even have a vague notion for a sequel (although not convinced by that idea and anyway I should maybe finish this one first). With this in mind, and given the date, I have decided that this coming month - October - can be spent hashing out the details, getting to know my characters (because its very much an ensemble piece, all of my stories are), finding some inspirational mixes on or grooveshark or wherever and pulling together some images to help me keep the landscape in mind. It can be spent fact checking, as far as I care to be entirely strict to facts or theory, and making sure the rules of that universe make consistent sense. It can get me to a point where I can start November from a place of having pinned this stuff down and can just write.

And why will this year be better than every other year that I've tried, and failed, to complete NaNo? Because this year I am not trying to write a thesis chapter and a novel at the same time like in 2010 and 2011. Because this year I am not signing up at the last minute and going "oh yeah might as well just have a punt". Because this year I am not working ridiculous shifts and demoralised and trying to find a new job and a new life and a sense of self esteem. Because this year I work nine to five and my self esteem isn't wrapped up in writing, I'm not trying to recapture lost youth or lost passion. I'm not trying to do it because its something I think I should want to do. I'm doing it because I'm already working on this novel, have been planning it for months and have some of it written already, and NaNoWriMo is going to be the kick I need to actually translate plan to action, broad strokes into actual words. I'm doing it because its something I want to do, but its not something I feel I need to do. I'm doing it because writing is fun.

T-33 days and counting....


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