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The other day I went into my old yahoo account looking for an email I was expecting but which hadn't shown up. Turns out that email address had 9999+ unread emails- in my inbox- and another 8000 in filtered folders (mostly facebook). So that was a bit of a shock. Also a reminder why I quit using that email address. It was getting out of hand.

But what I did find was an offer of another free month of Netflix. I'd tried it before when my internet was gubbed and it wouldn't work. Like at all. Also it was recent to the UK and there was nothing on it. Because I'd used my bank account to register I couldn't get another one once my internet was fixed. It was a sadness.

But now I can!!!!

But now I appear to have fallen down a 'The 4400' rabbit hole. I'd liked the shpw when it started but lost track of it super fast. I appear to have seen to tge 4400 reunion ep because I don't recognise the eps after it. It's fun. I'm wondering why I stopped watching it. :) Did any of you watch it back in the day?
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