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Holy Fuck The 100, even for you that was pretty dark!

So the reason the people at Mount Weatherly are still alive and able to get better from radiation sickness is because they get pumped full of Grounder Blood, which, incidentally, is why the Grounders are fucking terrified of them. And they keep lots of Grounders (including Anya - yey she's back, oh god what are they going to do to her?) in literal cages until they need their blood, when they are strung up like the carcases of cattle to let the blood drain out. And it looked like they were primarily female Grounders in the cages. And Clarke is the only one who knows, and she's, in a way, just as caged as Anya is except her cage is so so much nicer but just as inescapable. It's all very Omelas and Clarke and the others' situation I fear is destined to descend into some sort of One Boy and His Dog-when-he-meets-the-underground-people-situation. Honestly, what do the people of Mount Weather want of Clarke and the others if not some sort of weird breeding program/population boost (after all we already know that Clarke and the others have magically evolved a resistance to the radiation (in just 90 years) which the people cowering under Mt Weatherly have not)? I think it will probably almost certainly turn out that the Grounders are better allies than the Mountain Men although Kane may disagree with me. Kane would be wrong.

Speaking of Kane, Kane is already making enemies both of the first 100 kids but also their parents for randomly deciding that searching for the kids is a bad use of his resources. I both agree and disagree but I also think its not a very politic move in that now that they are not trapped on the Ark there is space for social movement and rebellion and for not simply killing everyone who disagrees with you. I doubt the good, ordinary folks of the Ark will take as kindly to mandatory death sentences when the vacuum of space doesn't just take the bodies away so they don't have to see or deal with them and now that there is plenty of oxygen, although food and water may still be problematic. Depends how much of the equipment they used for synthesising these things survived the fall.

I'm sort of upset that the baby didn't continue to exist even though it was So Very Obvious that it was a hallucination. It might just be because babies are cute and it would have been more of a twist (and thus interesting) for it to be real. It might also have been interesting in that it could have brought in lots of interesting things about the society of the Ark or the panic of the populace that lead to a child being left behind. There is so much of that in the first book and it's just missing entirely in this. Also, while part of me is pleased Jaha didn't die, I kind of think they should have left him with his heroic sacrifice for the good of his people, the Captain (chancellor) going down with his ship (Ark) and saving everyone else in the process. Instead now we have to see him somehow not die when he has landed in a desert (and wouldn't a screaming child have both made that even more tense - how will he feed it!? - and also have given him something to live for, a purpose, hope which on his own and far from his people - who don't even know he's alive - might be difficult to do. He doesn't have Wells to live for and now he doesn't even have an imaginary baby).

I'm rambling. Is anyone else watching this show? Is there a fandom for it at all because I'm not really finding it beyond Bellarke tumblrs and the odd icon?
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