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I'm so confused. One moment Sam was talking to Allison from Pretty Little Liars on an abandoned/empty/something Promethius and the next Jonas was talking about Naquadria and some chain reaction thing and in the middle there was nothing....

.... well sleep. There was sleep. I'm not even sure how Sam ended up on an empty Promethius.

In related news, I've made it to season 7 of Stargate SG1 in my rewatch and I'm enjoying the show much more than I was in some of the earlier seasons. Season 4 in particular was problematic and felt neverending and so very very dull. With the odd exception:

Things I've learned during this rewatch:

1. I've seen way more of this show than I thought I did. There are very few episodes that I am completely blank on. And a large number that I know very well.
2. Up to Daniel's death in S5 I didn't really get shipping Daniel/Jack. Then suddenly I totally did get it.
3. The Goa'uld stuff - up until Anubis shows up and at times beyond - goes on waaaaaay too long. So boring. Basically all the Goa'uld stuff really made me miss the Ancients and Stargate Atlantis. Which must be around about now right?
4. My sense of when things happen is totally fubar. I had Jack's teenaged clone showing up well before Teal'c looses Junior and yet those two episodes are right next to each other. Which is weird.

Anyways, I should probably go watch the end of Grace or something and find out who is doing what with naquadria.


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