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OK. [community profile] adulting. I put down to do three goals this month with.... lets call them mixed results....

My ultimate goal: Be a healthy weight and have a good level of fitness.
My target for this phase: Get back on the weightwatchers and exercise horse.
What I'm gonna do about it: Exercise. I want to find a regular exercise class and then join it, maybe try a few. I also want to do the in the house exercises at least twice a week. This would mean I was doing at least 45 mins of exercise three times a week.
My target date: 28th Feb.
Notes: I was going to WW and exercising regularly back in the summer but then it kind of... fell away in the autumn. Trying to claw back to it now. :S

OK so I exercised three times. I should have exercised nine. So that's 33% but still must try harder. I'm going to just put in the same goal for next month. :)

My ultimate goal: Have enough money including savings and no debt.
My target for this phase: Have a realistic budget and a plan to get out of debt.
What I'm gonna do about it: Ok. Next logical step. Work out where my money goes to, research ways to reduce my outgoings including maybe a personal loan to put everything together at a lower rate of interest, and draft a budget.
My target date: 28th Feb for the whole research/planning thing. (Then next month's target can be "stick to budget". XD

So I did better on this one. I have researched loans and worked out that if I borrow £2000 to pay off over four years it will mean that the £30 I pay in interest on my continually getting larger overdraft and the £15 I pay towards my store card will adequately cover the cost of the loan while wiping those out and the rate of interest is lower so the interest in the end will be less. Win-Win. I decided that the things that should be paid off by July I'm just going to pay off for July because, frankly, they're not accruing interest now, why would I start paying interest on it and its only a few months away. I still don't have a budget though. I don't understand money. I know I have enough to cover bills, I'm not sure I have enough to cover, um, food. Whoops. So 50% done, I guess. :S

My target for this phase: Read things that aren't fic, things that will make me think more and possibly squee less. (I really like tropey, mostly fluffy, easily digestible fic at the moment). Read things that will help me in my other goals.
What I'm gonna do about it: Read three books. Doesn't matter what they are. I'm starting with Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake because ... I've owned it for years and I've never read it.
My target date: 28th February.
Notes: I want to be a teacher and yet all I read is fic which, while enjoyable, is not necessarily the stuff to bring up in teacher training interviews. I also want to become more familiar with books aimed at the age groups I want to teach because that would be useful. Also I like YA books. So even though its three books from no books I think its doable. I used to be able to inhale books in a day. Once upon a time. :S

Nailed it! 100%. 140%. Read like four and a half books. I finished Oryx and Crake. It was a little slow, I got distracted away from it for a couple of weeks and ended up just making myself sit down and finish it just to be able to say I have (since I'd stated that I had read it). I'm considering reading the sequel now (glutton for punishment- I've ordered it from the library). I read The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker. It was a quick read but irritating, all that "Mommy" and her "Girls" stuff and the random poems in the middle. Felt self indulgent. The narrator/author is all about like not wanting to harm the natural world while jetting off all over the place. I think, however, I judged it much more harshly than I would have done if she hadn't laboured on and on and on with the "Mummy" and "Girls" stuff. Lastly, I read Incantation by Alice Hoffman which was a YA historical book that I thought was very good and took me all of a couple of hours to read. I also read a children's book which took me all of half an hour. Of those four, I'd rec Incantation. The one I haven't finished is The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie which are short stories that I can read on the bus and as such I finish a story and then wander away for a few days and then wander back and read the next one.

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I've always felt Oryx & Crake wasn't Atwood's best book. I don't think I've read that Alice Hoffman book (and didn't realize she wrote YA) - I liked Practical Magic quite a bit and keep meaning to read something else of hers.


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