Feb. 23rd, 2014 12:49 am
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Balls! I was working on an application for a job that I discovered the vacancy for, oh, today. The closing date said 23rd February. I didn't realise that meant 22nd February at 11:59. Way to be misleading internet!! If I put down that something is due by 23rd I usually mean its due on 23rd. Ugh.

Oh well, I can just look at other jobs and just keep in mind that that website means BEFORE the date not ON the date.

I am at my Mum's, using her tiny wee HP notebook thing. I keep missing the keys because the keys are so small. I am going to my sister's tomorrow (not for any particular reason, she invited, I said yes) so I took the opportunity to eat my Mum's food. :D Tomorrow I shall eat all my sister's food and probably drawing Doctor Who baddies with my nephew.

I gave in and watched Les Mis (my step Dad loves that musical). It was... full of women as symbols instead of people and idiot men being idiots. The music on the whole just wasn't very good (not entirely convinced that wasn't the presentation more than the music because when you catch yourself thinking "Susan Boyle sang this better" then you know something's going wrong). I enjoy musicals but I did not enjoy this. I didn't even APPRECIATE it. Normally I can find something to appreciate in a film but the most I have here is "oh look they set things up to look a bit like paintings" and "oh look they're allergic to colours" and "oh look they really like close ups of faces" but not to a level that I would call it appreciation/like. *shrug* Least now Mum and Ian can stop asking me to watch it.

I asked on Postcrossing for people to be pen pals with. I have a few people to write to and hopefully something will come of it. When I get round to writing them. :S I'm not quite sure how to pitch myself in them (as in, how to sell myself in it).

How are you? What are you up to this weekend?
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