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OK. Seriously, what just happened?

I'm not meaning this in an emotional way - I'm not distraught or even upset - I'm meaning this narratively. Like, did they have inept teenagers writing this season? Did they not sit down and work out the end of the season before the beginning? Were they all too off their faces to be aware of their own contradictions in the text. For example, Trick tells Bo not to go to the Portal because that's what her father wants and Bo tells Dyson that, after waiting thirty years for her her father can wait at least another hour while she rescues Lauren. Cut to the next scene and Bo and Dyson are at the Portal, Lauren is still waiting to be rescued and Bo is being influenced to evil. But its ok because Dyson kisses her, her eyes go back to brown and she wanders off to save Lauren leaving Dyson and Tamsin and Trick and Kenzi to fight the minions of Bo's father. And then, during the big battle, she's not even there, she's off being smarmy to Massimo who, given that the Una Mens power is destroying him from the insider, is not really a threat, he's a distraction. Even after killing Massimo Lauren is then like "wev, I'm staying here with my new beau Evony and Bo is like "k I get it" and goes sauntering off to the battle like she's got all the time in the world. This gives Kenzi time to play her part and allows Bo to show up just as the battle has ended.

Honestly it was like cause and effect had totally broken down, characterisation for Bo had been completely forgotten, and the show really need to stop doing "big" storylines cos they suck - think of The Dawning last year and the Garruda before that. Stories where we are told the stakes are high and its super important but really its never actually believable. Its just... bollocks.

Bo was by far the weak point this season. Bo and Trick who were just all over the place. We're meant to believe that she's in love with Rainor even though all season it was indicated that he was a. her father and b. Tamsin's boss but then, nope, he's just some dude that Trick damned for being rebellious and ... that's it. He's a pawn. He's a grumpy teenager. He's rebellious impulses with no direction. He says he loves Bo, that it is destiny, that it is real for him but we're never actually shown this. He buggers off for an episode and we still don't know what happened to him. His trusted warrior person who he hasn't seen in like a millenium shows up spouting prophecy and without any evidence to back herself up Bo is like "Yeah sure I'll totally get married because that makes sense". Bo's turn to the dark is interested for a couple of eps but then when its explained it... makes no sense. Bo had to sign up to the dark because this would make her more eager to find out what happenned to her but Rainer, who has been written out of history and was written out of history for refusing the Blood King's demand that everyone choose a side, has to sponsor her as if he has any bearing on the world outside of the train, the world in which he does not exist. And Trick was basically a panto baddy, he was Ash for ten seconds, he was stomping around being all vengeful eyes and grumpy face and then worried he was bad.

What was happening in the larger Fae community what with the Una Mens showing up? Like, Evony was still Morrigan but who was the Ash? What about all those old families and traditions and culture and expectations and normal Fae people? Were they all cowering at home? Were the Una Mens only interested in Trick and Bo? Was there no upheaval within Fae community at all? Was everything carrying on as normal? What was happening people?

The best parts of this season were Kenzi and Lauren and Dyson, and to a lesser extent Tamsin, all pulling together and working with one and other and solving cases - Solving cases, omg, do you remember when that was what this show was about not all this mystical bullshit??? - and being genuinely snarky and awesome together. The best storylines were Kenzi's and Lauren's because they were about the people, about their lives and choices and fears, because they seemed plausible and in character and not utter utter nonsense. *sigh*

I just... what was that?
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