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OK. Seriously, what just happened?

I'm not meaning this in an emotional way - I'm not distraught or even upset - I'm meaning this narratively. Like, did they have inept teenagers writing this season? Did they not sit down and work out the end of the season before the beginning? Were they all too off their faces to be aware of their own contradictions in the text. For example, Trick tells Bo not to go to the Portal because that's what her father wants and Bo tells Dyson that, after waiting thirty years for her her father can wait at least another hour while she rescues Lauren. Cut to the next scene and Bo and Dyson are at the Portal, Lauren is still waiting to be rescued and Bo is being influenced to evil. But its ok because Dyson kisses her, her eyes go back to brown and she wanders off to save Lauren leaving Dyson and Tamsin and Trick and Kenzi to fight the minions of Bo's father. And then, during the big battle, she's not even there, she's off being smarmy to Massimo who, given that the Una Mens power is destroying him from the insider, is not really a threat, he's a distraction. Even after killing Massimo Lauren is then like "wev, I'm staying here with my new beau Evony and Bo is like "k I get it" and goes sauntering off to the battle like she's got all the time in the world. This gives Kenzi time to play her part and allows Bo to show up just as the battle has ended.

Honestly it was like cause and effect had totally broken down, characterisation for Bo had been completely forgotten, and the show really need to stop doing "big" storylines cos they suck - think of The Dawning last year and the Garruda before that. Stories where we are told the stakes are high and its super important but really its never actually believable. Its just... bollocks.

Bo was by far the weak point this season. Bo and Trick who were just all over the place. We're meant to believe that she's in love with Rainor even though all season it was indicated that he was a. her father and b. Tamsin's boss but then, nope, he's just some dude that Trick damned for being rebellious and ... that's it. He's a pawn. He's a grumpy teenager. He's rebellious impulses with no direction. He says he loves Bo, that it is destiny, that it is real for him but we're never actually shown this. He buggers off for an episode and we still don't know what happened to him. His trusted warrior person who he hasn't seen in like a millenium shows up spouting prophecy and without any evidence to back herself up Bo is like "Yeah sure I'll totally get married because that makes sense". Bo's turn to the dark is interested for a couple of eps but then when its explained it... makes no sense. Bo had to sign up to the dark because this would make her more eager to find out what happenned to her but Rainer, who has been written out of history and was written out of history for refusing the Blood King's demand that everyone choose a side, has to sponsor her as if he has any bearing on the world outside of the train, the world in which he does not exist. And Trick was basically a panto baddy, he was Ash for ten seconds, he was stomping around being all vengeful eyes and grumpy face and then worried he was bad.

What was happening in the larger Fae community what with the Una Mens showing up? Like, Evony was still Morrigan but who was the Ash? What about all those old families and traditions and culture and expectations and normal Fae people? Were they all cowering at home? Were the Una Mens only interested in Trick and Bo? Was there no upheaval within Fae community at all? Was everything carrying on as normal? What was happening people?

The best parts of this season were Kenzi and Lauren and Dyson, and to a lesser extent Tamsin, all pulling together and working with one and other and solving cases - Solving cases, omg, do you remember when that was what this show was about not all this mystical bullshit??? - and being genuinely snarky and awesome together. The best storylines were Kenzi's and Lauren's because they were about the people, about their lives and choices and fears, because they seemed plausible and in character and not utter utter nonsense. *sigh*

I just... what was that?

Date: 2014-02-19 04:56 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alorarose
YES, YES! ALL OF THIS! The only reasons I am still watching are for Kenzi, Dyson, and Tamtam. I can't give a rats ass about Bo or Lauren. I do like Evony but Wtf on her being Mossamo's mom. And whyyyyy would anyone leave a child with Vex. I didn't like Vex betraying Kenz, though it was in character. I miss season 1. I was really pissed at them for killing Hale. My friggen ship, man. I waited AGES for that ship.

Date: 2014-02-19 05:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alorarose
I did read a comment on Tumblr about how, if next season is going to be about Bo rescuing Kenzi from Valhalla (wtf?) and since Hale died while fighting Massimo then maybe Hale in is Valhalla and can also be rescued which... seems about the level of logic that that show excels at. Next year they will probably end up fighting the forces of Valhalla and almost releasing Pryapyss?? from Hel because of stealing Kenzi's soul from Valhalla or summat. (Also, how was Kenzi buried since Tamsin teleported her body?)

I think it was just a headstone. But if Tamsin teleported Kenzi, then how come (upon that logic of Hale going to Valhalla also, and Raynor also) there were remains to bury? It makes ZERO SENSE. They specifically mentioned Raynor's remains and Hale's remains. *please note I have no idea how to spell Raynor or Massimo*

okay, taking in snippets of the lauren paragraph, LOL. I have feelings about this too!!

Up to this season I couldn't have cared less about Lauren but I think that's because that whole Bo/Lauren thing seems... doomed to failure

It seemed to me, in the beginning, that they were doing it just for the sake of doing it. I felt there was no chemistry there, but that could have been because of poor writing. Poor writing really does screw up a lot of potentially awesome things.

A sucubus whose powers kill humans more times than not and who can't be sexually monogamous and not die of hunger (oh and don't think I don't see you equating bisexuality with a voracious appetite there Lost Girl) is not going to be able to make Lauren of the "oh god I feel so bad my girlfriend's in a coma and I want to be loyal to her but succupowers" backstory.

It really bothered me how they went from "I'm doing this all for Nadia because Nadia is everything" to her developing these feelings for Bo and then just.. kinda dumping her once Nadia was saved. Which BO DID THAT!! And then when Nadia kicked the bucket, it was like nothing changed and Lauren had like 3 seconds of omg you killed Nadia and then it was back to the same one dimensional character and feelings thing. Regardless of the voracious appetite thing, they'd established before that fae need chi (of whatever flavor they feed on) to survive. We knew she couldn't be monogamous. Dyson didn't expect any monogamy. Because he KNOWS and understands.

But with the first half of the season being with the two of them separate and the second half of the season being Lauren trying to help and get on when Bo is sending out mixed signals all over the place? It actually gave Lauren the space to be less besotted and more... interesting, dynamic, and interact with the other characters. Her and Dyson snarking while supporting each other was amazing! Her, Dyson and Kenzi pulling together while they each suffer from what kind of feels like a long drawn out break-up with Bo,

Lauren and Dyson having a drunken bitching session on Bo's bed during the groundhog day ep was one of my FAVORITE scenes. Lauren is DEFINITELY more interesting when they give her things to do that are separate from Bo. They get a bit caught up in the fact that Bo's the main character and things need to move around her, when they really don't. The side stories are just as important. Lauren is completely capable of saving herself. Look how she got out of the shackles in Evony's test?

Quick comment about Evony and Massimo:

Yeah, it would make sense with Vex clinging to family type things so he wasn't alone. Because all he really wants is to be needed and accepted by someone. So his constantly helping Mossimo shows he's needed. And yeah, fae pregnancy must really be weird if she wasn't even getting her period. But none of that even makes SENSE. I just chalked it up to the type of fae evony is and just rolled with it. Cause it so makes no sense that they wouldn't have itches and we KNOW Dyson sweats, haha. Unf Dyson. if Bo doesn't want him, I'll take him.

Date: 2014-02-19 08:00 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alorarose
What bothers me about Trick is that he's spent ages hiding that he's the Blood King and now EVERYONE APPARENTLY KNOWS! WTF! Also, why would he leave his book around like that and whyyy would kenz think it was a good idea to try and write in it.

Also, I think Kenzi reacted differently because what she really needed was a family. Hers is such crap.

Date: 2014-02-19 08:52 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alorarose
Honestly? I cannot remember why he was hiding. Though I assume it was because he's caused a metric crapton of strife and separation. Also, his blood is powerful, maybe he was afraid of who would try and use him?

Might also just be creating mystery.

Also, I think not much time has passed. Like... we knew Dyson and them were working while their memories were gone, but I don't think much time has elapsed after they got Bo back. We also saw Hale at the police station. And honestly? If I were TamTam and I'd just been reborn.. I wouldn't think about going to work, haha. They were only working to hide the fae bullshit going wrong.

Date: 2014-02-19 10:03 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alorarose
They'd better!!! God, I need some resolution! I need to know Kenzi didn't die for NOTHING.

Date: 2014-02-19 10:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alorarose
Sayra... how sad is it that we're trying to figure out the plot of a show where the writers don't care....


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