Mar. 20th, 2012

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Rather I need the ones I very much like from LJ to be over here. Its a job that wouldn't take long and yet its one that I have been meaning to do for ages.

I suddenly feel rather ill today. We went out for dinner and it was lovely but about an hour afterwards I felt... a bit off. Not food poisoned but rather like I've eaten something my body just doesn't quite like. I can't think what it could be that I ate that I didn't like because it was just italian-esque food and I'm usually fine with that (usually its certain Indian and Chinese dishes (well the versions you get in the UK) that are problematic. Like certain types of curry. Maybe there's a spice I don't like? How would I even find that out?) Also, weirdly, the thing I liked most at dinner was the most simple thing ever- salmon on cream cheese on bruschetta. And yet its not something I ever think about making at home, mainly cos I don't buy Salmon. Similarly I went out for dinner with my Dad on Saturday and I really liked my really simple prawn, garlic, and tomato tagliatelli dish. And when I am home I pretty much live on cheese sandwiches and pasta in either a cheesy sauce or a tomato-y sauce. Less fish at home (beyond the occasional tin of tuna, which I'm never sure I like).

My Mum (who I was out for dinner with) walked into my house and immediately tried to hoover (tried cos my hoover is making a weird burning smell and not sucking, which sucks, at the moment). She also sorted out my recycling and took it away with her. And she made me give her aims for what I was going to do with my evening and then my day tomorrow. This was not on her list of things to do. I've to redraft my personal statement and then look at it again in the morning. And then send it to her. And then I've agreed to write 5000 words of MPhil tomorrow and each weekend (if I'm off the weekend) or Thurs/Fri from here on out.

In other news, I've signed up for two big bangs and a couple of prompt thingies over at [community profile] caffeinatedmagic. Cos that was sensible. Rewatched Dollhouse Epitaph 1 and 2 today in order to work on said prompts. Cos that's how I roll. LOL.

I think Mum checking up on my progress may actually be good for me. I like to feel like someone gives a shit about how I'm doing day in day out and that I'm doing stuff for people other than just me. I don't do well when I feel like its just for me. Does that even make sense? *shrug*

Better go do this personal statement before its too late and I'm too tired. I'm already starting to have only one eye at my disposal. :)
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aka, the things I've gone and signed up for.

Main Projects
What: 100 Things Challenge
Fandom: Panfandom/Not Necessarily Any.
Where: Masterlist
When: Ongoing
Details: 100 Posts About Creative Things I'm Doing.
Progress: 33/100

Ongoing )

And those don't even contain my real world, real life things like housework and Jobs and Applications and things. :S


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