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[personal profile] miss_haitch has declared today Why Yes I Am Awesome Day". While I'm not very good at bigging myself up I thought I would do this just cos I am actually awesome. So this is what I posted over there:

Name: Sayra

Your identity: Define identity. I am a theoretically straight, cisfemale, Scottish scifi geek and PhD student who likes sometimes to call herself a 'acafan'.

Interests: academia, star trek, whedonverse, fringe, general scifi, babylon 5, reading about space and physics even though I don't understand it, oxytocin, midwifery matters, doctor who, bill bailey. There's a random list of the first things that came to mind.

At least two things you're proud of that you can do:
1. I want to become a lecturer and a teacher and recently started being a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I thought it would be really hard, that I wouldn't be able to control the group or express myself or cope with marking and lesson plans. Then, the first day, I walked in and it was easy. It was fun. Yes it made me think. Yes sometimes things go badly or gaps in your knowledge are exposed but it was ok. Even better its not all my own analysis of my ability but have been told that I am good at the teaching, that I take it all very much in stride and calmly. :)
2. When I was 16 I wrote a novel in 6 months. Ok that was years ago but I am proud of it and I like to remind myself of it when I'm having trouble writing. If I managed to do it then I certainly can do it now.

At least two personal traits you're proud of:
1. Loyalty.
2. Creativity- although I'm not always able to capitalise on this because I'm easily distracted.

A post on DW you're proud of: A couple of months ago I watched the entirity of Earth 2 in a week and then wrote 2000 words analysing what it was that I just watched, which is here. This amuses me.

Anything else: Hmm, too many to name I think. But you can always ask me if there's something you want to know.
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In the last couple of days I've done a few things on DW for 3W4DW (and also cos I kept meaning to).

1. I made a Fringe comm: [community profile] fringetv_at_dw

2. I made some Doctor Who Exhibition icons

3. I made 32 icons from the promo pics of the upcoming Fringe musical episode.


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