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Mostly Teen Wolf but also containing Firefly and Fringe and Haven and others. :)

Made for various places, [ profile] beacon_hills, [community profile] caffeinatedmagic, [community profile] theaviary, and [community profile] iconthat

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I should check and see what else I haven't posted as part of this. I'm sure there's some crochet I never talked about. :)
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So I've been kind of quiet. TBH it has not really been helped by the fact that I was working six out of the last seven days, that they were all late ending shifts (20.00, 22.30, 21.30) and by the time I got home it was at least an hour later than that, on Sunday it was an hour and a half later than that and by the time I got home it was after eleven) so I've been kind of too tired when I got home. Also, my tv on demand service through my cable company has S1 of Community on it so I've been watching that. And I've gone off the game on Facebook that was driving my "must log on, must check on my Castle" thing. Cos I'm weird like that. So, yeah, not been about.

On the other hand, I have managed to sit and read an entire book over night Sun-Mon even though on Mon totally knackered at work. The book was Partials by Dan Wells. YA Post-apocalypse story. Actually didn't find myself annoyed at the female protagonist as she repeatedly got saved by menfolk- mainly cos she was the one deciding that things needed to be done, and then recruiting, and then getting things done and getting into trouble. She very much was driving what was happenning rather than getting sucked up into something she had no control over. Also there was enough details about how people were eeking out a living in the brand new world and the science behind the plague that decimated humantity before the start of the book didn't jump out at me as unlikely. However the main character was supposed to be 16 and, even accounting for having to grow up pretty quick, in places I really didn't believe it. It felt like the author thought- or initially conceived of her- as older. As well as that the "twist" about two thirds of the book through sort of made me go "called it" because I had, like a couple of hundred pages earlier, but that happens all the time and it does leave the door open for further stories even if those stories won't be for another year (the first book only just came out, the sequel has a 2013 expected date). Also, weirdly since its a book, I found myself thinking about writing fic for it. :)

So, yeah, been away. Back now for a bit trying to catch up. How have you been? Has everything been ok? What have I missed?


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