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So, in an act of stunning procrastination, I went though the entire "UK releases" list for this year because I wasn't sure what was coming out. Since I've done this I thought I would share. :)

These are the ones I think I want to see

Warm Bodies.
(8th Feb)
I have the book for this. I'm not really into zombies and, frankly, the zombie romance thing is just bizarre and creepy. And yet I kind of want to see it. (I may pretend its an extended metaphor about modern life and wandering through it without much direction or something, but that sounds like a terrible manic pixie dream girl movie so perhaps I won't).
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Unfinished Song
(8th Feb)
This looks cute. I played with it being on the "wait for DVD" list but I wanted to share the trailer. Lol.
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Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters
<22nd Feb)
This looks ridiculous and batshit and I'm hoping that it'll be on the "so bad its good" side of things rather than just "bad".
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Robot & Frank
(8th March)
I think this looks cute. With added scifi.
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(12th April)
I know. Its Tom Cruise. And I don't like Tom Cruise. But I do like some of the scifi movies he's been in and this, this looks interesting.
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Iron Man 3
(26th April)
These movies are usually fun. And then there will be more fic. And I will be happy. :D
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Star Trek Into Darkness
(17th May)
It's Star Trek. There is no more reason than that. I saw Nemesis in the cinema. In fact I think I've seen all of them since The Final Fronteir in the cinema. Because its Star Trek.
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After Earth
(7th June)
Crashed ship, coming back to an abandoned (by humans) Earth where, apparently, everything is trying to kill them. Its like a better lit Pitch Black with fewer characters. IDK, it looks like it could be fun.
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Despicable Me 2
(28th June)
The Minions are so cute and I adored Despicable Me so... :D
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The World's End
(14th August)
Pegg, Frost, Wright. Why wouldn't I want to see this?

(20th September)
Sci-fi distopian action movie? Course I want to see it. LOL. From the dude that did District 9.
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Thor: The Dark World
(30th October)
So, I know like nothing about this one but, you know, Avengers.

Movies I'm curious about but not sold(aka, wait for DVD)

Now You See Me; A Good Day To Die Hard; Alienate; OZ: The Great And Powerful; Read more... )

Can you think of any I've missed?

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(From the list on io9 of 70 sci fi and fantasy movies for 2012)

1. Underworld Awakening.
Dude from Bedlam's in this. And Kate Beckinsale.

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So What have I forgotten?


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